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Baby Shower


We celebrated my sister's baby shower last weekend. We indulged the afternoon away with delicious sweets made by Chloe Kerr Cakes. Chloe is based in Wollongong and creates beautiful cakes for special occasions. She really knows her stuff, using high quality ingredients and I can honestly say her sweets taste as good as they look. I should also mention she did my wedding cake earlier this year!

We enjoyed bite size food for this event, the Chloe Kerr Cake team made creme brûlée tarts, parisienne brest, coconut cupcakes, scones with lemon curd, jam & cream, and of course the three tier shower cake. For savoury; brioche pulled pork sliders, olive tapenade, high tea sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms and pesto palmiers. Heaven! 

If you're looking for a fun game to play at your baby shower, I bought two dolls and made the guests mind them throughout the party. I would make announcements throughout the shower, such as "your baby needs a nappy change" or "I think your baby needs to be burped". It was so funny watching everyone fusing over them!

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