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My local harvest collective experience


Dave and I have been introduced to something that is perfect for our lifestyle at the moment - The Local Harvest Collective. As I get older, I find myself becoming more aware of things like eating seasonally and, not to get too deep, but eating ethically. The Local Harvest Collective is both. Talia and her partner visit farmers directly and bring back bags and bags of the best local produce, that you pay a set fee for and walk away with a lucky dip of the most tasty and in season fruit and veg.  

There's something great about knowing that what your eating is fresh, ripe and in season, while at the same time doing your little bit to support the farmers (and steering clear of the big chains). And even if Google was necessary to find out what some of it was, in the end you've got a weeks worth of delicious, healthy fruit and veg and maybe a few new recipes to go with it.


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