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Floristry Workshop

You can imagine my excitement when I received Antonia's invitation to attend her Floristry Workshop at the iconic Imperial Hotel Paddington. My friend Natalia and I arrived to meet a small group at the hotel, where we sat around a big communal table and begun our lesson.  

Antonia shared with us her wealth of experience in flower arranging, including an interesting technique called straussing. Straussing means that the flowers are arranged so that all the stems are following the same direction, creating a spiral. In addition to forming a lovely shape, this technique makes it easy to place the bouquet in a vase after the flowers have been arranged to your liking. 

We watched Antonia assemble her bouquet with ease, before giving it a go ourselves. It was great to see everyone else's creations... some stronger than others (I think I may need a couple more lessons to get to the standard of my classmates!) 

All in all, a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning, with some great tips to take with me on my next visit to the markets. 

Thank you to Antonia from Ruby Slipper Floral Design and to the friendly staff at the iconic Imperial Hotel Paddington for this wonderful experience. 


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