Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in food, travel and wellness. Hope you have a nice stay!

Why I love to blog...

Blogging for me has been such a positive experience. I love the process of creating a post and sharing it with like minded people. It feels like there are no limits with the possibilities. You just need to find what you are passionate about.

My blog has started to evolve into a lifestyle blog. You will find all the things that interest and inspire me here. I love producing my own content, making it a little unquie. I love taking something ordinary and making it beautiful. My career in the publishing industry has helped me do this.  

My young blog has been nominated for an award, such an honour to even be considered. If you get a chance and feel like voting for us just: 


 and like ESW Blog. There are some great blogs on there that you may enjoy too!

Thank you for your support, looking forward to sharing more in this space and as always love hearing from you all. 



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All the little things...

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