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Detail Diners Chapter One


Chapter One (of Three) / Today's post focuses on the first course of our Detail Diners event. The theme was Gentleman's club. We sipped spirits out of crystal glassware and poured wine from repurposed sherry decanters. Rich and robust flavours oversaw the masculine menu, which comprised of hard liquor, soft cheeses, tender meat and bittersweet chocolate tarts all served on silver platters and devoured with the help of gold cutlery.

Aperitif / As not everyone at the dinner knew each other we thought that the best way to soften the mood was to hit the hard stuff. Each guest was greeted with a miniature bottle of spirits literally with their name on it and an accompanying shot glass.

“Best served cold. So crack me open and let’s break the ice”

Chalk and Cheese/ For our first course we did away with plates and cutlery and turned the dining table into a sprawling collage of different cheeses, crackers and dried fruit. The names of the cheeses and tasting notes were scribbled on the paper-come-tablecloth, while chalked circles played the role of plates. The design was simple and effective, while the meal was messy and interactive. 



We (Effie and Maddy) are the foodie-design duo behind Detail Diners.

Both from the realm of magazines (one with words, the other design), Detail Diners was born from a mutual love of cooking, design and playing host.

As the Detail Diners we want to showcase simple design tips, recipes and minor details that assist in transforming any event into a memorable occasion because we believe that the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail (thanks Charles R. Swindoll for summing that up perfectly!).

Detail Diners
Effie & Maddy.

Tomorrow we share, The Main Event part of the evening! 

Find Maddy on her blog: So In Season
Photos by: James Patrick Photography


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