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Detail Diners Chapter Three


There was definitely no slowing down for our final course with the decadence symbolic of a man’s world inspiring a dark, rich…and slightly sinful dessert. 

Food / We served whiskey chocolate tarts with salted caramel ice cream and a shot of espresso, while shards of coffee bean chocolate lay in the middle of the table awaiting hungry hands.

Drink / The crystal shot glasses from our chalk & cheese course made a come back and were filled to the brim with Muscat.

Design / The espresso, ice cream and chocolate tarts were plated up on makeshift black boards chalked with corresponding hotcold and rich descriptions. To help create a brooding, morose atmosphere typical of a Gentleman’s club we replaced the antique books and playing cards from the main course with lines of dominos and low-lit candles.

 Photos by: James Patrick Photography

Thank you for joining us, we can't wait to share our next adventure. 

Detail Diners

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