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Detail Diners Chapter One: Morning tea


The detail diners serve up morning tea

Chapter One – A Garden Picnic

For morning tea, traditionally intended to bridge the hunger gap between breakfast and lunch, everything should be bite sized.

With that in mind the Detail Diners applied the miniature theme to both their menu and design.

The design / Astro turf blanketed the outdoor table to mimic a miniature garden party, with bunches of bright flowers strewn across the tabletop and dangling from above to complete the garden fresh atmosphere. The food was served in wicker baskets lined with red and white-checkered towels or haphazardly scattered straight on the grass among the flowers. It was colourful, fun and casual; a true mini garden party.

The food / Our guests nibbled on scones with fresh jam and cream, classic chicken sandwiches, piping hot miniature quiches and golden chicken and leek pies. The centrepiece was an oversized wheel of Brie cheese topped with dried figs and apricots, fresh basil leaves and drizzled with honey. Everything was intended to be eaten by hand and devoured in a few mouthfuls.

The drink / Traditional teapots and teacups were traded in for strawberry and hibiscus iced tea overflowing with fresh strawberries and mint leaves.

The gift / Each guest received a tiny jam jar to take home to enjoy with any scones that weren’t devoured.


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