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Pillow fight 06

            01.   Xavier & Me     02.   Life Interiors    03.   Matt Blatt    04.   KAS    05.   Xavier &       Me     06.   The Minimalist                 07/08.   Life Interi      ors    09.   The Minimalist    10.   Matt Blatt

           01. Xavier & Me   02. Life Interiors  03. Matt Blatt  04. KAS  05. Xavier & Me   06. The Minimalist   
           07/08. Life Interiors  09. The Minimalist  10. Matt Blatt

Cushions are an affordable way to change the entire look and feel of a room. A brave pop of colour that can be used to compliment the atmosphere in which it lives. Whether your look is elegant and chic, or more flamboyant and bold, there are so many options out there. I had a lot of fun putting this spread together, I hope you enjoy it. Who knows, you might even find something to fill your own little space :)

Our spare room - Stage one 09

Our teeny tiny place 04