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Keeping it warm this Autumn 14

           01.   Matt Blatt   Chair  02.   Dinosaur Designs   Vase  03.    Freedom   Vase 04.   The Minimalist    Print            05/06.   Bonnie and Neil   Tablecloth / Cushion

          01. Matt Blatt Chair  02. Dinosaur Designs Vase  03.  Freedom Vase 04. The Minimalist  Print
          05/06. Bonnie and Neil Tablecloth / Cushion

What an amazing weekend! We were lucky enough to be celebrating a friends wedding on Saturday... I was inspired by all the love in the air along with that gorgeous weather,  to design something that I hope brightens your Monday :) Orange just has a natural warmth to it and when I stumbled across the beautiful print of Bonnie and Neil's cushion (Number 6),  I knew I'd found my theme x

Room styling 16

Manic Mondays 12