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Our spare room - Stage one 09


Dave and I are slowly working our way through each room of our apartment. Our focus now is the spare room also known as the study, Dave's music room, the laundry room, the guest room and finally; my "creative space"... Anyone who lives in a small apartment knows that every inch of space is important, and that 'spare room' often has to take on multiple personalities - laundry one day, yoga room the next! Being thrifty and clever is vital for getting the best out of what limited space is on offer. 

So when it came to our spare room we decided we needed something creative, something a little different, and something that adds a touch of 'fun' to a room in which you can use the computer, listen to music, hang out the washing, do a yoga workout and then go to sleep in. Introducing...stage one of the spare room make over - 'The Chalkboard Wall'.

What do you guys think?


For the walls 10

Pillow fight 06