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Diner en Blanc Adelaide

Effie See White blog recently travelled to Adelaide as a guest of South Australia Tourism Commission. I was one of four publications that set off on the amazing Vibrant Adelaide journey. We had a fantastic time strolling the streets, visiting cafes, eating out at hip restaurants, participating in cooking lessons and of course, experiencing the amazing Diner en Blanc Adelaide. Over the coming weeks I will share my experiences here on ESW blog. Starting with Saturday night's 'Diner en Blanc'.

The Concept / A last minute notice regarding the location that is given to thousands of friends and acquaintances who have been patiently waiting to learn the secret of where the “Dîner en Blanc's” will be held. Thousands of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space.

My Experience / The mystery began when I received my itinerary a few weeks ago, with instructions to dress in white from head to toe. Guests were also instructed to bring along tables, chairs, plates and even white centrepieces. The location was kept top secret right to the last hour.

The excitement grew as we set off to meet the masses of people who, much like us, knew nothing of the details. The growing group of elegantly dressed party goers already looked impressive, so an excited energy was infectious amongst the crowd. Our anticipation was soon over, as our walk led us to the Adelaide Zoo (which I loved because I really wanted to visit it anyway, two birds - one stone!

We set up our area and assembled our centrepieces, then as a group we officially started the evening with the traditional waving of our white napkins in the air. With music playing in the background, we ate and drank the night away. It was such a great experience, one that I am so grateful to have been a part of. I will forever remember the magnificence of us all dressed in white, dining together under the stars at Adelaide Zoo.

South Australian Tourism Commission / www.southaustralia.com
Diner en Blanc / www.adelaide.dinerenblanc.info

I had a ball travelling with these guys and have learnt so much from them all, they are seriously talented people that you should all check out:


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