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The Q on Harris, Ultimo

The Q on Harris, Ultimo


I didn't have to look far for todays 'Hot Spot'. Around the corner from where I work, a funky new cafe - 'The Q on Harris' - has just opened up. My lucky day! You can find these guys at 597 Harris Street Ultimo. The friendly owner Benji has taken great care in perfecting the coffee shop experience. The layout of this cafe includes an expresso making area and a brewing zone for tea lovers, as well as an ever changing menu, as Benji and his in-house chef develop the menu depending on what's on offer at the local markets.

I personally enjoy the unique style of this cafe. A lot of thought has gone into the interiors, with Benji calling on designers Sarah Jamieson and Brooke Jackson to help create his vision. The tiles on the walls, the exposed brick and the various different seating areas all add to the unique style, making this a great place to stop for lunch and/or coffee. 

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