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Sprout Cooking lesson

Sprout Cooking lesson

A small group of us met in the morning at Sprout Cooking headquarters, which happens to be right above Adelaide’s Central Markets. The boys, Callum Hann and Themis Chryssidis, introduced themselves and explained the Sprout Cooking mission; to educate people on nutrition and teach some handy cooking tips. 

We quickly relaxed as we were poured some bubbly and were presented with a delicious selection of South Australian cheese. The boys were friendly, laid back and enthusiastic, making it easy for us to get in the mood and cook up a storm.

At first, the boys demonstrated how to cook each dish (making it look very easy), then we were sent to our own cooking areas to try it for ourselves. They came around as we were cooking and offered guidance, answered any of our questions and generally made sure we didn't burn the kitchen down!

The lesson was spent watching, cooking, then eating. The cherry on top was when the boys selected a bottle of wine to match each course – yum!

I enjoyed Callum and Themis's passion for food, their wealth of knowledge on cooking, nutrition and local produce and most of all - how easy going and open they were. The whole thing was an amazing experience.

As a group we were guided through the markets, meeting some of the shop owners. The Mushroom Man, FEAST! Fine Foods, House of Health, Lucia’s Charcuterie and The Smelly Cheese Shop, were all some of the shops we visited.

A big thank you to Callum and Themis of Sprout Cooking for having us, also to South Australia Tourism for a fabulous experience.

Sprout Cooking / www.sproutcooking.com.au/
South Australian Tourism Commission / www.southaustralia.com

I had a ball travelling with these guys and have learnt so much from them all, they are seriously talented people that you should all check out:

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