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Lime and Coconut Island Cake

    Recipe   by: Rowie Dillon 

 Recipe by: Rowie Dillon 

Getting ready for work the other morning with Everyday Gourmet on in the background, a recipe for a Lime and Coconut Island Cake caught my eye. I invited some friends over for a Sunday afternoon tea and decided to give it a go.  

You all know I am a new baker and this was by far my trickiest challenge to date. I quickly learnt how important it is for your ingredients to be at room temperature before creaming butter and sugar (to be honest... Dave and I did have to go out and buy more butter after my first attempt). My next challenge came when making the icing, I made a rookie mistake of filling my sifter with three cups of icing sugar. For those of you like me who don't know - this is not a good move, it results in broken sifters and a messy kitchen.

Aside from all that the whole thing went very well. It was a really tasty cake, very moist, which considering it is gulten free was a pleasant surprise.



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