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Fig and candied walnut tart

Fig and candied walnut tart


We celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday on Sunday with a family gathering. I wanted to make something special. I had some puff pastry already in the freezer and decided to let the fates decide what the filling would be by walking down to our local grocery store and seeing what they had on offer. Figs it was!

Method: All I did was lay 2 sheets of puff pastry on top of each other. I scored a line about 2cm in to create a border for my filling. After cutting my figs in quarters, I carefully lined them in 3 neat rows. I mixed a little water with sugar and heated it on the stove, then added about a cup of walnuts to candy them (now I have never done this before nor did I look it up to make sure it was the correct way to do it, I am just winging it here!). I then sprinkled the candied walnuts in between the rows of figs and baked it in the oven for 25 min on 180 degrees.

I wanted to share this with you guys incase you are ever after – a simple, delicious dessert that  can be throw together in minutes without to much fuss. Have a great day everyone x

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