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Chicken ginger dumplings

Chicken ginger dumplings

One of the first recipes Dave and I started making when we moved in together was our delicious, spicy, Chicken and Ginger Meatballs. Very simple but packed with flavour. They were just as delicious cold for lunches the next day as they were when fresh off the fry pan drizzled in tasty soy sauce.

Living so close to Chinatown, we are lucky enough to enjoy arguably the best dumplings in the universe. I love to try new things at home and thought it would be fun to come up with my own dumpling fillings, which is when the brainwave hit me of adapting our favourite meatball recipe in an attempt to make my very own dumplings. Over the past weeks we have been steaming, boiling and frying dumplings to see which we preferred, and although the steamed were tasty (and healthier), frying them added an extra crunch to the delicious flavour. 

I should also quickly mention that this batch made roughly 48 dumplings. I folded them neatly while watching a movie (it is time consuming and I am a perfectionist so I wanted them to be beautiful), then placed half in tupperware, making sure they were not touching each other, before popping them into the freezer (we can eat a lot in this house but 48 dumplings is even too much by our standards!).

This recipe is spicy so if you don't enjoy a kick then go easy on the chilly, there were a few dumplings that really packed a punch in our dinner! 


Chicken Ginger Dumplings. 
350g free range chicken mince 
2 packets gow gee pastries (wrappers)
1/4C fresh ginger (grated), 
3/4C shallots (chopped), 
2 chillies (chopped), 
3 cloves garlic (minced), 
1/4C coriander (finely chopped) 
2 tbsp olive oil plus 1/2C for cooking 
2 tbsp soy sauce with extra for serving
1/2 tsp salt 

Step 1. Add your chicken mince, ginger, shallots, chillies, garlic, coriander, oil and soy sauce into a bowl, mixing each ingredient in with a wooden spoon before adding the next. Season your filling with salt.

Step 2. Line a large tray with baking paper. Using a finger, wet edge of a wrapper with a little water. Place 1 heaped teaspoons of filling in centre. Fold wrapper in half and, using your thumb and index finger, pleat one edge, then press edges together to seal. Place your completed wontons on the tray making sure they are not touching each other (very important). Repeat this with the remaining fillings. Store them in fridge until you're ready to cook.

Step 3. Add 1/2C olive oil to a non stick frying pan. I cook them in batches of 8, placing one side down for 2 minutes then turning them over, they turn a lovely golden colour, after cutting one open to ensure they have cooked through I repeat this until they are all done. I place them on paper towel to remove excess oil then serve them up with soy sauce on the side.

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