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Pure Panacotta

Pure Panacotta

As I grow older I am learning more and more about myself. I'm a morning person rather than a night owl. I'm happiest when I am being creative. I can't go long without seeing my family. I am never disappointed after a good gym workout or yoga session (even if I don’t feel like going), and most importantly, my health and well being is something that I need to work on everyday.  

As I deal with a few health issues that have resurfaced, I am finding that as an adult I am a lot better at listening and responding to my body”s symptoms. In this age of modern medicine where a pill is often the first option, I think it is so important for us  to listen to our bodies and find what works best for us. And what works for me? Clean eating and consistent movement seems to be the only answer. 

The need to keep my lifestyle balanced is becoming more and more apparent. Though for me, balance doesn't mean cutting out all the goodies that life has to offer, but it does mean being a lot more sensible with my choices, which is the inspiration behind this post.  A healthy twist on an old favourite...The Pure Panacotta.

Making this dish is one thing, here is a tip to help you serve it up to your guests!
*How to turn out panacotta:
Dip the moulds, one at a time, into a heatproof bowl half-filled with hot water. Leave for about 5 seconds. Turn the mould face down over your serving plate. Place your thumbs on top of the mould and hold the plate with your fingers. Shake slightly to loosen. Carefully remove the mould from the panacotta to serve. If it still sticks slightly, repeat the shaking process then try again.

Pure panacotta
1C almond milk
200g custard apple (seeds removed, then pureed)
60g agar agar
2 vanilla bean (split seeds scraped)
1 tsp coconut extract
1/4 tsp rosewater
60g agave nectar (extra drizzle for serving)
1/4C pistachio (roughly chopped)

Create custard apple puree by removing seeds and blending the fruits flesh in a food processor. In a small saucepan combined almond milk, custard apple puree and vanilla, infuse over a low heat for 15 minutes stirring regularly. Add agave
 nectar and rosewater mixing well.

Soften the agar with warm water, drain excess water and add 1 cup of the warmed almond milk mixture to the agar and whisk over a medium heat to combine well, allow this mix to boil for 10 seconds then combined with the rest of the mixture, continue to stir. Stain into a jug. 
Pour mixture into ramekins and set in fridge for a few hours.

Turn out panacotta*, sprinkle pistachios and drizzle agave nectar to serve. Enjoy immediately!

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